NOTE: To complete Level 3, students need to complete BOTH of the Python and Website coding series. You can also take single courses without completing the full curriculum.

Our website class is the real thing! We teach "raw" HTML, CSS and Javascript coding with no special crutches or editors. Students will understand these building blocks of websites and how they work together.

Website coding requires decent typing speed and accuracy. Kids will need to search their code for punctuation and spelling, requiring attention to detail. Projects may be less flashy than in earlier levels, particularly at first, so this is recommended for kids who will not be frustrated by these requirements.

We recommend completion of Level 2 in our curriculum before starting Websites, but this prerequisite may be waived for older students (11+) or those with significant other coding experience.

kids learning to code websites

Basics of Web Development

For kids ages 9+

In the first course, students learn about HTML documents and tags, applying styles using CSS, and adding Javascript functionality. We create a website about a topic of their choice, and code a few beginner Javascript apps. We also learn about hosting and put our site live on the internet.

Level 2 completed or instructor permission recommended.

Interactive Web Pages

For kids ages 9+

Our second level of web development focuses on expanding Javascript and CSS techniques. We learn to control our page layout more, and make some fun games. Projects cover topics such as classes, id's, dynamically changing properties and more. We use pure Javascript, not Jquery or other libraries.

Working with Data on Web Pages

For kids ages 9+

The final course of our beginner web series looks at data, using a range of projects. It starts with simple data structures like lists, goes into JSON data in local storage, and culminates with saving to and retrieving from a JSON database in our first taste of using an API.

After completing this course AND the Python series, students are ready for Level 4: Computer Science 101.