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We are offering two different Minecraft camps this summer, a "Building & Engineering" camp and a "Coding Mods" camp. These camps will appeal to different kids, so please be sure to match your child's interest with the right camp!

Daily Schedule

Camps are 3 hours long, and we break up the time into three blocks, one hour of Minecraft, one hour of outdoor recreation at nearby Hamlin Park, and a final hour of Minecraft.

Building & Engineering Camp

This camp is for kids who want to develop mastery of the skills used in the game of Minecraft, and to use these skills in team-based challenges. It is suitable for all skill levels, including total beginners.

We will provide a series of challenges throughout the week that will bring out creativity and engineering/building design. For example, linking two villages on opposite sides of a mountain range, or protecting your house with traps. We will give mini lessons throughout, especially focusing on redstone (the power source in the game), but also helping with more basic Minecraft skills if needed. There is a lot of time spent doing things in the Minecraft world in this camp.

Coding Minecraft Mods Camps

This camp is a coding camp that uses the Minecraft world as a setting to explore coding topics. This is an intermediate level class. Kids should have prior coding experience and be interested in coding, not only in Minecraft.

Using a block-based modding language, we will create fun variations in the game, such as a pig cannon, lucky block and ultimate power sword. We will also build a mini-game that you can play against others in the Minecraft world. Approximately half the time or more is spent coding and less than half the time is in the Minecraft world.


Minecraft accounts for use during camp are provided. Modding accounts for use during camp are also provided. Both of these accounts have a fee of $25-30 if you wish to have your own accounts at home after camp.

2018 Minecraft Summer Camp Schedule

JUNE 19-22 (4 day week)
JUNE 25-29
JULY 2-6 (no class JULY 4)
JULY 9-13
JULY 16-20
Ages 8-11
JULY 23-27
AUGUST 13-17
Ages 8-11
AUGUST 20-24


The price for one week of Minecraft camp is $329. It will be $259 for the 4-day week (July 2-6).

If you are unable to make it to all 5 days, we do not offer price adjustments. Please select a week that works for your schedule.

Class Size and Teachers

Camps are capped at 8 students, and will have a 4:1 ratio or better in this age group. Our instructors are adult professionals with post-secondary coding education. We use talented high school and college students as teaching assistants and to provide near-peer interactions.