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Our new Invention Camp invites kids to invent, build and create. We teach them to use inventions as a way to solve a problem, meet a need or make an item better than it was before.

Daily Schedule

Camps are 3 hours long, and we break up the time into three blocks, one hour of Invention, one hour of outdoor recreation at nearby Hamlin Park, and a final hour of Invention.

Activities and Skills

This camp is for kids who want to apply their minds to designing and making things to solve problems. It is suitable for all skill levels, including total beginners.

We will provide a series of challenges throughout the week that will bring out design and engineering skills. In some cases we will build the same thing together to learn a technical skill, and in other cases we will pose a problem and let kids design and bild solutions.

This camp also teaches the Design Process, which is a structured set of steps that helps inventors and engineers think a problem systematically and thoroughly to get better results.

Students will have the opportunity to work in pairs or teams frequently in this course, to allow them to learn to collaborate, and also tackle larger inventions.


We supply materials for creative building, such as cardboard, glue, popsicle sticks and more. We also supply materials for electronic making such as batteries, wires, LED lights, etc. If a student wants any specific materials beyond this, we allow them to bring in supplemental materials, but this is not required to participate fully in the camp.

Kids will be able to bring home their inventions, but will need to negotiate on inventions created with a partner or team.

2018 Invention Camp Schedule

JULY 9-13
1 - 4 PM
Invention Camp
1 - 4PM
Invention Camp


The price for one week of Invention camp is $369. All materials are included as described above.

If you are unable to make it to all 5 days, we do not offer price adjustments. Please select a week that works for your schedule.

Class Size and Teachers

Camps are capped at 8 students, and will have a 4:1 ratio or better in this age group. Our instructors are adults with post-secondary coding education. We use talented high school students as teaching assistants and to provide near-peer interactions.