Minecraft Building & Engineering


Embark on the adventure of designing and building a complex Minecraft world and expanding your Minecraft skills!

With a team, you will collaboratively select a theme, plan the environment and structures, divide up tasks, and build an incredible world incorporating advanced features like redstone and command blocks. You can even take home your own custom Minecraft Map to show your friends and family!

Minecraft (PC/Mac Java Edition)
Ages 7-11
Technology Minecraft (PC/Mac Java Edition)

What Kids Will Learn and Do

  • Plan and design a Minecraft world around a theme, and brainstorm what it should contain
  • Design and build structures and environments that serve a purpose related to what you want the player to see or do
  • Work with a team to plan, communicate, divide up jobs and help each other learn and build
  • Learn how to add redstone and command block features to add automation, game mechanics, challenges and hidden bonuses

This class takes place entirely within the Minecraft game environment on our own private servers. We set up custom worlds to facilitate teamwork and learning and we have rules of appropriate in-game behavior that kids are expected to follow.

Class Schedule

Students select one regular day and time to attend. We only offer this class once per week currently, so make up lessons are not available.

The current days and times of this class are:


Class Size & Instructors

Classes are capped at 10 students, and will have a 5:1 ratio or better at this age group.

Our instructors are adults who are studying or have completed post-secondary education. We hire talented high school students as teaching assistants and to provide near-peer interactions.

All of our instructors have relevant coding or technology expertise and are trained at Power Up in teaching skills and the specifics of our Coding Curriculum.

Hardware, Accounts & Materials

Computers, private servers and all required accounts are provided for use during class.

The version of Minecraft we use is Java Edition on PC/Mac.

Promotion to the next level

This class is not part of our coding curriculum sequence, and no further levels are available during the school year. In the summer, interested students can register for our Minecraft Modding camp, which brings coding to the Minecraft environment.

Registration & Pricing

This class offers monthly registration.

You can join this class at the start of any month. If you are joining mid-year, we will do an orientation and plan your entry so that you are ready to join the class.

Monthly fees are $120 for a regular month with 4 one-hour lessons. This fee is prorated up or down for months with 3 or 5 lessons. It will be automatically billed to your credit card within the first 3 days of each month of classes.

NOTE: Fees are based on the number of *scheduled* lessons for your class, not on how many lessons you actually attend.

Refunds & Cancellations

Fees are charged to your credit card within the first 3 days of each month of classes. You may cancel your enrollment at any time and we will not make the next charge. No refunds are issued for cancelling in the middle of a month.


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