NOTE: To complete Level 3, students need to complete BOTH of the Python and Website coding series. You can also take single courses without completing the full curriculum.

In these courses, we learn the Python coding language and start to do more algorithmic coding. Projects require careful thinking about loops, variables, conditional statements and more, to achieve precise outcomes. The idea of Python libraries is introduced. We work with lists and dictionaries to start understanding data structures.

Python coding requires decent typing speed and accuracy. Kids will need to search their code for punctuation and indentation, requiring attention to detail. Projects may be less flashy than in earlier levels, particularly at first, so this is recommended for kids who will not be frustrated by these requirements.

We recommend completion of Level 2 in our curriculum before starting Python, but this prerequisite may be waived for older students (11+) or those with significant other coding experience.

kids learning to code python
First Steps with Python

For kids ages 9+

Stretch your problem solving skills in a setting where we focus less on user interface and more on structure and logic. This course includes some limited graphical programs, but mostly text-based games and explorations.

Level 2 completed or instructor permission recommended.

Encryption and Text in Python

For kids ages 9+

Students become spies - codemakers and codebreakers - in this course which continues to build Python problem solving skills. We will learn more about the difference between text and numbers in coding, discover ASCII, and write programs that will make our messages secret... at least for those who haven't learned about encryption yet!

Working with Data in Python

For kids ages 9+

Our final Python class focuses on data and why it's so important in the world today. We will build a data-based app such as an address book, to do list or class list and start to think about simple data structures.

After completing this course AND the website series, students are ready for Level 4: Computer Science 101.