From Redstone to Modding to Skin Design - We Love EVERYTHING Minecraft!

Minecraft is absolutely beloved by kids around the world - if you’re here, it’s likely that it’s found its way into your home too! Unlike most other video games, Minecraft is rich in educational potential. A built-in encyclopedia of materials - plants, animals, rocks, minerals, and more - provides endless opportunities for creative play, critical thinking, and fun!


Creative Minecraft

Exercise your pixel art, 3D visualization, architecture and even community design skills. It's a great way to see your designs quickly come to life!

Technical Minecraft

With Modding and Command Blocks, the Minecraft world can be customized and controlled with code. Redstone provides an Engineering window into the game with powered creations!

Social Minecraft

Our daily social play sessions are a source of connection and shared experiences in a time when kids are craving them. Join us to make real friends in a virtual world!

All Power Up Minecraft sessions are backed by personalized tech support. We will walk you through everything from purchasing Minecraft to getting on our servers, to troubleshooting errors.


All Power Up camps are 100% online in 2020. Students everywhere who love Minecraft are invited to join us!
We use the Java Edition of Minecraft on Windows/Mac. Other versions are not compatible.

For kids ages 7-8

For kids getting started with Minecraft, this camp will rapidly expand your knowledge of the game.

Core skills include moving, flying, inventory, building, travelling by boat, train and horseback, animal taming and breeding and more!

We will explore biomes, villages, oceans and temples, learning about local plants, animals and architecture - and have a summer travel experience from the comfort of your home!

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For kids ages 8+

For both Minecraft lovers and newbies, this camp will let you work on your architecture and design skills, along with community planning.

We will design and create a complex world each week, working collaboratively in teams and making it all fit together. We will start with a theme, and watch it grow into something out of your imagination!

Kids will learn how to use the World Edit tool to copy, paste, rotate and more for faster building. It's like getting power tools for your Minecraft world!

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For kids ages 8+

If your child loves animals, science and Minecraft, this is the camp for them! They will join a modded Minecraft Server with the Zoo and Wild Animals Mod installed, bringing dozens of new animals and variations into the Minecraft world for them to meet and learn about. From lions and tigers to frogs and snakes, it will be a "Zootopia" to explore!

Kids will learn about how animals behave in the wild, along with how we are able to look after them and what they need in zoos. They will able to explore different biomes and see which animals live there, even understanding predators and prey. And all this happens fully inside Minecraft, while playing their favorite game!

The instructor for this class has worked at two different zoos, is studying Zoology, and is also the lead developer on this mod, so this is a great opportunity to learn from an expert in both animals

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For kids ages 8+

It's the biggest news in the Minecraft Community this summer! The new Nether Update expands the Minecraft world in a large number of ways, and we are going to take you through them all.

In this camp, you will explore new biomes, trade with Piglins, battle new mobs, and try to collect enough Netherite to upgrade to the world's best armor!

We will start the week in creative to get our bearings, and then jump into survival to test our ability to meet the new challenges of the Nether dimension.

NOTE: The Nether is a dark and spooky place with lots of monsters. This camp may not be suitable for younger students.

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Series A or Series B, For kids ages 8+

Redstone is like electricity in Minecraft. It can make things move and light up!

Learn about the different components that work with Redstone, and how they can be combined to build awesome machines.

Projects may include doors, elevators, flying machines, weapons and much more! There will be TNT! Series A and B have all different projects and may be taken in either order.

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For kids ages 9+

If your child loves 3D design, creativity and Minecraft, you should check out this new camp!

Kids will be introduced to a special 3D modelling program specifically for designing Minecraft animals and monsters. They can start by modifying Minecraft's existing mobs and proceed into modelling whatever creatures they can imagine! They will also create the "skins" - the pixel art that goes over top of the blank model to make it come to life.

Finally, we will show students how to insert this mod into Minecraft!

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For kids ages 9+

Practice and expand your coding skills while modifying the world's most popular game!

We will start with overpowered weapons and lucky blocks and proceed all the way to working mini-games

Modding challenges kids to work with more objects and events to understand ways they can manipulate the world. Students build their mods with a block-based language, but are also exposed to reading Javascript code.

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For kids ages 9+

Commands let you control and manipulate the world in Minecraft. They are useful for minor things like giving an item to a player, all the way up to building custom minigames.

In this camp, kids will learn to use commands in Minecraft, along with how to put them in command blocks for placement in the world.

This camp is a bit more technical than other Minecraft camps - it is almost like coding in the Minecraft world. And commands are typed in, so typing and careful reading skills are required.

We will learn about related topics like coordinates and variables too. So if your child is eager to get into the finer details of Minecraft, this is the camp for you!

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I would like to give a rave review for Brandon, he is patient, kind, thoughtful, and very positive. Becca waits all week for Thursday; she tells her teachers, friends, family, and anyone walking by our house that she has Minecraft class on Thursdays.

Brandon does a great job listening to her requests, but also guiding her to new experiences. Becca fears the unknown and sometimes might not want to try new things, but with Brandon's enthusiasm, she will agree to try new adventures. Thank you for connecting us with such a great instructor!


All Power Up camps are 100% online in 2020. Students everywhere who love Minecraft are invited to join us!
We use the Java Edition of Minecraft on Windows/Mac. Other versions are not compatible.

Minecraft Potions Workshop

For kids ages 8+

Set in Hogwarts Castle, our one-day Potions Workshop will make a Minecraft Wizard out of any kid!

Learn about recipes, equipment and ingredients, and embark on a challenge to brew up to 9 different potions before the day is done!

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Minecraft Enchantments Workshop

For kids ages 8+

Set in Hogwarts Castle, our one-day Enchantments Workshop will make your weapons and armor simply magical!

Go in depth with how enchantments work, what materials and experience you need, which ones are most helpful, and more!

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Design Your Own Minecraft Skin

For kids ages 8+

For Minecrafters who want to look their best, a custom skin is the ultimate step. You can choose your hair, face, clothes and every last detail.

Skin creation is a fun and easy skill to learn. We will help you through each step, all the way to saving your skin into Minecraft. Bring your design ideas, and prepare to be impressed at the end-of-workshop "skintastic" fashion show on our private server!

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Design a Minecraft Resource Pack (2 days)

For kids ages 9+

You can change nearly everything you see in the game using a custom resource pack! Come ready to do some serious pixel art.

This workshop is more technical and recommended for kids with strong computer skills. You will need to be able to unzip a file and move files between folders. Parent support may be required at certain steps.

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Join us on a safe, private server with an instructor and small group of other kids to play, learn and work together as a team on Minecraft's larger challenges.

Kids and parents both LOVE our Minecraft Survival Challenge sessions. It's a great social connection during a time of distancing, and it supports kids in getting into the more complex aspects of this vast game.


We use the Java Edition of Minecraft for Windows/Mac. Other versions are not compatible.

All Minecraft classes take place entirely within the Minecraft game environment on our own private servers. We set up custom worlds to facilitate teamwork and learning and we have rules of appropriate in-game behavior that kids are expected to follow.

We use Zoom for screen sharing instruction and audio communications.