A complete path to prepare kids for high school and beyond

We are on a mission to give kids real world technology experiences at ages from 8-13. If you are looking for a program that systematically guides your child through a progression of languages, tools and skills... join us this summer!

Learn technology by creating it

Make video games, mobile apps, websites and more. Your child will learn by doing, with opportunity for experimentation and creativity all along the way.

From first steps to professional languages

Learn a new language each year as your child grows their skills and knowledge. Our advanced students learn Python, Javascript, and more.

Gain skills to make an impact

We don't just teach coding, we teach kids how computers think and how to use them as a tool for solving problems in the world around us.


Video Game Coding with Scratch

For kids ages 8+

Start your coding journey here with classic games like Geometry Dash, Pacman, and Galaga. As you build games, you will learn to use basic coding skills such as conditionals, variables, testing and more.

This level uses the Scratch language developed by MIT Media Lab. Scratch is a block-based language designed to let kids do real coding from a young age.

Minecraft Modding

For kids ages 9+

Our Minecraft Modding class starts with overpowered weapons and lucky blocks and proceeds all the way to working mini-games

Modding introduces kids to objects and events that they understand intuitively from having played Minecraft. Students build their mods with a block-based language, but are also exposed to reading Javascript code.

Mobile Apps

For kids ages 9+

This is the class that will start bringing your child (almost) serious job offers! Learn a new block-based coding language and start making real apps just like you use every day! We will use the camera, accelerometer, swipe gestures, text-to-speech and more on real smartphones.

Note: This class works with both Android and Apple devices.

Website Coding

For kids ages 10+

Learn the languages of the internet and build your own website! Projects will cover a variety of useful website features such as menus, quizzes and slideshows, along with fun knock-offs of popular websites.

If you are in middle school and brand new to coding, but you have typing skills and general computer experience, then this class is the place to start. You will learn coding basics by building websites with professional coding languages.
Python Coding

For kids ages 10+

Stretch your coding skills further with one of the most popular professional languages used worldwide in business, science and technology. You will learn to use Python in a variety of settings including art, games, encryption and more.

Python is an excellent language to prepare for high school coding classes and beyond.