Daily Creative and Survival Sessions on a Supervised Private Server

Join us on a safe, private server with an instructor and small group of other kids
to play, learn and socialize while we are all at home.

Tell us what your kids want and need during the lockdown!
Use the Contact Us button at the bottom of the page to send us a note.

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General Information

  • Minecraft Creative Building daily at 2-3pm Central Time (Chicago)
  • Minecraft Survival Challenge daily at 4-5pm Central Time (Chicago)
  • You must register a minimum of 2 hours in advance
  • Server is safe and private -- we have full control and no other adults or unregistered kids will be on there
  • Students will join a Zoom meeting for audio so that the instructor can monitor how children are doing throughout the session.
  • An instructor will be in the world and on the audio call with the students at all times
  • Griefing (destroying other people's builds and other anti-social behavior) will not be tolerated and repeat offenses will lead to expulsion from the server.

Technology Required

Please make sure you can run Minecraft at home before registering for this class. You may contact us if you need help setting up Minecraft.

  • Computer with Minecraft Java Edition installed
  • Minecraft Java Edition user account (purchase from, does not expire)
  • High speed internet
  • Ability to join Zoom conference on same computer or second device (any computer, tablet or phone should work)
  • Built in speakers and microphone, or external speakers and microphone, or headset

Each Minecraft session is $10 per child

  • Email us to purchase a 10 pack of sessions for $70
  • Please contact us if you are experiencing financial hardship
  • Same day registration is online only . We are teaching other classes and may be slow replying to email or voice mail. We can help with next day registration by email or phone.

IMPORTANT: Technology onboarding

Please join early to allow a buffer for troubleshooting anny tech issues the first time you sign up for this class.

We will do our best to help your child join, but since we are remote, there is a limit to how much we can do.

We will issue a refund if we can't get your child onto our server.

Creative Mode: Creative Building

Join an instructor in a shared world and help us create awesome architecture and more!

We will bring ideas of what to build each day and kids can join a group build or build on their own.

Days: Every day, including weekends

Time: 2-3pm CST

New schedule starts March 30

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Survival Mode: Survival Challenge

Everybody will work together to learn how to use mining, farming, building and more to stay alive and thrive in Minecraft Survival mode (with no cheats!)

The survival world will continue from day to day during the week and there will be a fresh start each Tuesday and Saturday

Days: Every day, including weekends

Time: 4-5pm CST

New schedule starts March 30

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