Work with us to bring coding to the next generation!

Experienced technology professionals

Do you want to experience the thrill of sharing your technology expertise with the next generation? Then we want to hear from you!

Our ideal teacher is a kid-loving technology professional with a solid understanding of general computer science and specific knowledge in one or more of:

  • Modern front end web development
  • App development (iOS/Android)
  • Python
  • Game programming, such as Unity
  • Minecraft modding or plug-in development

For some classes, you may also need to learn Scratch or ScratchJr, which are both very straightforward for experienced programmers to learn.

This is a part time job, during the hours of 3-7pm, and well suited to those who have a flexible schedule, such as freelance developers. A class typically runs 10 weeks, and you must be able to commit to the entire session.

Student teaching assistants

We also hire teaching assistants who are college or high school students with at least one computer science class and a demonstrated ability to work with kids. This is a great part-time job, with opportunities to pick up techniques from professionals, as well as the chance to experience the thrill of coding from a younger kid's perspective.

Please contact us to inquire about current openings.