Which class should my child take first?

If your child has no previous experience, then the recommended starting classes are:

We also offer a FREE mini-lesson and assessment which is particularly helpful if your child has previous experience and you are unsure about where they should start.

Can I join in the middle of a session?

We want to make it easy for your child to start to code, but we also want them to be up to speed with the rest of their class so they can enjoy the class and feel successful. So our policy is that new students can join a class up to week 3 and we will catch you up in class. To join after week 3, we will ask you to take 1-3 private lessons to develop some of skills you have already missed before joining the group class.

Can I make up missed classes?

We encourage students to try to attend all your scheduled classes. We cannot guarantee make up lessons, due to our low student-teacher ratio and class size. When space is available and prior notice is given, we will attempt to find another class you can join. Other classes may not be on the exact same lesson.

How big are the classes?

We maintain a small class size so that every kid can get individual attention every week. Classes range from 4 to 10 kids, and we maintain approximately a 4:1 student-teacher ratio.

What are the expectations for homework?

No homework is required!

However, coding is a complex, hands-on skill and the best way to improve is by doing it. Just like a baseball player has to practice batting, a coder needs to code. If your child is able to spend some time coding in between lessons, for example making a new project similar to the one made in class, they will retain the learning better and progress faster.

What is Scratch?

Scratch (http://scratch.mit.edu) is a block-based programming language built by MIT's Media Lab, designed specifically around the needs and interests of children learning to code.

Scratch is the core foundational language in our curriculum. We chose Scratch because:

How is the Early Coding for grade K-2 different?

The Early Coding class introduces coding ideas and practices in the context of stories and play.

The coding section of this class uses Scratch Jr, which allows kids to develop stories, animations and simple games using an iPad app. Learning Scratch Jr prepares kids to move into Scratch, as the basic ideas and structure are highly similar.