In our Preliminary Level courses, young coders learn how computers think through coding projects in ScratchJr, along with games and activities.

There are three courses available. The first two courses are suitable for all levels of readers. The third introduces Scratch and requires some reading skills.

Note: IPads are provided, but if you want to keep your work, please bring your own iPad, as files are saved locally on each device.

Coding Animations in ScratchJr

For kids ages 6-7, all reading levels welcome

A fun and interactive class that will result in imaginative stories and animations created by your child!

In this class we learn coding basics through creative projects on the iPad. We talk about how computers and coding work, and introduce sequence, repetition, events and more. Kids will also be able to add their own art and sounds to the projects.

Coding Games in ScratchJr

For kids ages 6-7, all reading levels welcome

Building on what you learned in Course 1, we will start creating more complex projects and working games that you can really play!

This course focuses on interactions between sprites and how to use a variety of coding concepts that work together to make a fun game. Messages and bump commands receive more focus, along with clever uses of animation and changing screens.

Intro to Scratch for Young Coders

For kids ages 6-7, reading skills required (word list available)

This course introduces Scratch in a setting designed for younger learners.

We explore the similarities and differences between Scratch and ScratchJr, and encourage kids to relate and build on their previous knowledge.

After completing this course, kids are ready to join a Level 1 Video Game Coding class.