Exercise your creativity on Friday, Nov 3

On Friday, November 3, Power Up Tech Academy will be offering two exciting Creative Tech Camps, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. These events are designed to be fun, educational, creative, and to increase kids' technical skills.

10am-noon: Minecraft Building Challenge (ages 7-10)

From 10 am to noon you can join our Minecraft Building Challenge. Working in teams of four, students will join one another on a Minecraft server and be presented with a building theme. Using teamwork, communication and creativity, each group will be challenged to design and build their best structure related to the theme within two hours.

1-4pm: Digital Art & Design with Inkscape (ages 9-12)

In the afternoon, kids will become Graphic Designers for a day. Using Inkscape, a free Adobe Illustrator alternative, kids will learn how to use the software to create vector graphics and then design a logo and poster for a "client". This is a great way for artistic and technical skills to come together!

Space is limited so grab your spot today!


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