Power Up Tech Academy offers a comprehensive and flexible elementary and middle school kids' coding curriculum. Kids can take a single course, or build professional level skills over years of study.

We are very proud of our curriculum, which is developed in-house and kid-tested. We are always updating it with new ideas, new projects and new courses to bring your child the very best coding education experience you can find anywhere.

For help with selecting the right class for your child, please call us at 773-382-0778 or book a free Mini-Lesson and Assessment.


Each level takes approximately one year to complete. Click on each level to read more detailed information.

For kids ages 6-7, all reading levels welcome

Understand how computers think through coding projects in ScratchJr, along with games and activities. Kids will learn to make animations, stories and simple video games.

For kids ages 7+

Learn coding basics such as conditionals, variables, testing and more by using the Scratch language to make video games. Projects include classic games like mazes, space shooters, dodge and grab, and more.

For kids 8+

Learn a new block-based coding language and start making real apps just like you use every day! We will use the camera, accelerometer, swipe gestures, text-to-speech and more on real smartphones.

Text-Based Coding

For kids 9+, typing skills required

Explore two highly popular professional languages used worldwide in business, science and technology.

Take BOTH of, in either order:

For kids 11+, instructor permission required

A full year survey class on what computers are and how they work.
Topics build up from 0’s and 1’s to understand how today’s computers can do complex things.
Approx 70% of time we do Python coding projects to further explore concepts.

For kids 11+, instructor permission required

An advanced coding and theory course for experienced students.
Topics include data, databases, software engineering, security, and networks.
Approx 70% of time we do Python or HTML/Javascript coding projects.


Kids who want to just try coding can register for any class which is age appropriate. It is not necessary to complete our entire curriculum to have fun, gain insight into how coding works and learn basic skills.

For kids who wish to complete our entire curriculum, we recommend one year (three sessions) per level, except for level 3 which will take two years because there are two languages to cover. This pace allows time to build strong skills and understanding through a wider variety of project experiences.

Feel free to customize your child's coding learning! We are completely flexible and we will let you know if your child ends up in a level that doesn't suit them. Older beginners (age 10+) or kids with significant previous experience should consult with us for an accelerated path. We also offer private lessons, which may be used for customizing your child's curriculum path.