Make Your Own Awesome Halloween Costume

If your kid loves to build, sew, craft and tinker, then why not apply these skills to the biggest kids' holiday of the year?

In the Custom Costume Creators Workshop, kids will be able to design and build costumes with lights, sounds, motors and more. Our professional costume designers will help translate your child's idea into a plan, source the materials, and provide skill training and support as your child builds it.

Kids may learn about circuits, sewing, solenoids, types of batteries and much more, depending on what they build. At the end, they will have a costume that is their own unique and special creation, and the option to show it off in the Roscoe Village Halloween Parade with Power Up on Sunday Oct 21.

Power Up Tech Academy is partnering with Code Create to offer this very special workshop this Fall in two parts. Part One is the Design Stage (a 2 hour session) and Part Two is a 3 hour Build Session.

DATES (Updated):

  • DESIGN: Sunday 10/14 at 10am-12pm
  • BUILD: Sunday 10/21 at 9am-12pm

WHERE: Power Up Tech Academy (2867 N Clybourn Ave)

WHO: Kids ages 7+ (space limited)

COST: $79 per child + $20 materials fee

NOTE: $20 materials fee covers basic materials including some electronics. However, if your child has a SUPER AWESOME design in mind, additional materials costs may be suggested.

QUESTIONS? Call 773-382-0778 or contact us online using the button at the bottom of the page.