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Come see how a real computer gets assembled!

Are you interested in learning about computer hardware? Have you ever thought of building your own computer, perhaps as a project with your child? Or maybe you are just curious to see how the guts of a computer fit together?

At Power Up's Computer Building Demo, you will see an actual computer get assembled, part by part, including the CPU (chip), motherboard, graphics card, RAM, Wifi, power supply, and more! This computer will be used in the Power Up Tech Academy coding studio after it is assembled.

In this workshop, you will:

  • Watch a custom computer get assembled right in front of you!
  • Learn about the parts of a computer and what they do
  • Find out how to shop for computer parts
  • Get a sample shopping list to plan your own computer

The Computer Building Demonstration is recommended for kids 9 and up who have an interest in computer hardware. Space is limited to 4 kids and their parents.


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