Computer Science


The Computer Science course at Power Up is our most advanced course, and is aimed at students who are excited and dedicated to their coding studies. It features different content each year, typically large, multi-faceted projects and topics spanning multiple weeks.

Past projects have included building a database with Python and Firebase, coding a VR game in Unity, exploring logic gates and circuit design to understand how CPUs work, and more.

Python & others
Ages 11+
Language Python & others

What Kids Will Learn and Do

This class focuses on taking kids with strong coding skills and exposing them to advanced patterns and concepts, principals of good software development, and broader knowledge of computing.

Topics which may be explored this year include:

  • Using data structures to build games with multiple objects, characters and levels
  • Learning about text processing by scraping websites
  • Exploring a web framework, how it works and what its purpose is
  • Building a project with simple AI, and learning about techniques and libraries to upgrade the AI

Other topics may be included based on student interests and instructor choices.

We will use an assortment of development tools and environments, based on project needs. Kids will learn to store their code on Github and the basics of Github version control.

Class Schedule

Students will select one regular day and time to attend. We currently only offer this class once per week but may add another day depending on enrollment.

Make up lessons will be permitted for missed classes if another day and time is added.

The current day and time of this class is:


Class Size & Instructors

The classes are capped at 8 students, and may be taught with or without a teaching assistant.

The lead instructor for the course is Power Up's Owner and Senior Instructor, Tamasin Ford. Other instructors may be brought in for selected projects where they have specific expertise.

Promotion to the next level

This course is our most advanced one, so no promotion is availabile. However, it is taught with new projects every year so students may choose to repeat the course as many times as desired.

Registration & Pricing

This class requires a full year (Sept-May) registration commitment. Instructor permission is also needed to join.

Monthly fees are $199 for a regular month with four (4) 90 minute lessons. This fee is prorated up or down for months with 3 or 5 lessons. It will be automatically billed to your credit card within the first 3 days of each month of classes.

NOTE: Fees are based on the number of *scheduled* lessons for your class, not on how many lessons you actually attend.

Refunds & Cancellations

This class does expect a full year commitment, however in extenuating circumstances you may speak with the instructor to cancel your enrollment.

Hardware, Accounts & Materials

Computers and all required hardware are provided for use during class.

All the coding software and websites we use in this class are free and can continue to be used at home after class.


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