In these courses, we create real Android apps and games with block-based coding. These apps will make use of phone features such as the camera, accelerometer, GPS, touch gestures and more.

The mobile apps are built with block-based coding, but the commands and environment are more complex than Scratch. It requires a small amount of typing, along with more precision and patience as well. For this reason, we recommend at least one prior course in Scratch, or instructor approval, to take this class.

The tuition for the first course includes a basic Android smartphone so that students will have a device to work with at home. Phone service is not required for this course, and phones will be set up for wifi only.

kids learning to code android apps
Basic Mobile Apps

For kids ages 8+

Grow your coding skills and create real apps that run on smartphones and tablets!

In this course we will learn to build several basic apps and games. Students will become familiar with building user interface and creating the code to make it run. We will focus on event-based programming, functions, and using properties.

Previous experience with Scratch or instructor permission recommended.

Apps with Data

For kids ages 8+

Building on the skills learned in Course 2A, the apps in this level become more complex. We learn to work with data, animation and connect into other sites. We also explore more of the phone's sensors, including GPS location.

Advanced Apps

For kids ages 8+

Students who reach this stage are challenged to design and build an app to solve an issue that they identify or create a game of their own design. They will also learn how to put this app in the Google Play store. We will help them with ideas and thinking through the coding needed, and support them in learning any new coding techniques to complete it.

After completing this course, kids are ready to join a Level 3 class.