In Advanced Scratch, we focus on introducing new concepts and techniques in Scratch, particularly data and artificial intelligence, since those expose both important ideas in Computer Science. At the same time, we stay focused on games as a motivational and fun vehicle for learning.

This course is well suited for students who have taken some Scratch before, but may not feel they have fully mastered the language. Or they may be excited about designing and building more personal projects, with instructor support and coaching.

For our younger learners, this course is a great way to practice their coding skills before proceeding to Level, while still moving forward to new games and new learnings.

kids learning scratch programming
Games With Data

For kids ages 8+

In this level, we use data to track "what state is the game in" and make it respond appropriately. We also explore lists, as a first basic data structure, and practice using various commands with lists. Games at this level may include board games like Tic Tac Toe, or turn-based games like a Pokemon Battle.

Games with AI

For kids ages 8+

In this course, the challenge is to train the computer to play against you. By coding the computer's "intelligence", kids understand how complex it really is to "think". AI's may be added to games made in Level 1.5A, or new games developed for this challenge.

Capstone Project

For kids ages 8+

Drawing on their experience of making many Scratch projects, this course challenges kids to design and build an independent project. The instructor acts as a coding coach and encourages the kids to design games that are larger and more complex.

After completing this course, kids are ready to join a Level 2 class.